Koh Phangan, Paradise Island in the Gulf of Thailand 

 Phangan is a rarther peaceful Island and tends to get a little busier during the fullmoon parties. These are mostly backpackers travelling from other places who come and stay a few days for the fullmoon party. In between full moon parties the Island is very relaxing and many of the beaches are fairly quiet. This makes it a great place to have a holiday with your family, peacful beaches and chillout restaurants and bars on the beach.Koh Samui is 25mins away by fast ferry boat.

Getting to Phangan is easy and a few options are availible. There is no airport on Koh Phangan but you can fly via Bangkok airways to Koh Samui from Bangkok, once on Samui you can catch a ferry to the Island. There are also ferries from Chumporn, Donsak, Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

Travelling around Koh Phangan is also very easy when you know the simple bus system. A taxi which is called a Songtail which basically a pickup truck with seats drives all the major routes around Phangan. Just waiving your hand when you see one will make him stop to pick you up. Costs range from 50 up to 200baht. You can also get motorbike taxis which charge a few hundred baht. Renting a car is the safest and most convient way to get arouind the Island. Koh Phangan has a few rent a car shops, most will rent you a 4x4, as this is the best form of transport on the Island , becasuse the roads are not perfect. The other way and the most common is a motorbike. Mototrbikes can be rented at many places on the Island. You can rent a manual gearboix motorbike for around 150baht per day. An automatic motorbike is around 250 baht per day. For inexperinced riders its sometimes better to start on an automatic, so you dont have to worry about gear changes. Automatics are popular amongst tourists and are very easy to ride. PLEASE WEAR A HELMET, most shops you rent a bike from will offer you a helmet and make it optional for you to wear or not. But for your own safety we recommend you wear a helmet. It is law, but not pushed very stronlgy. Most Thai people do not wear a helmet, but they travel alot slower. The roads on Samui and Phangan have a high rate of accidents from motorbikes and they are mostly foreingers and not Thai people. For some reason when young foreingers get on motorbikes they think they can go faster than anyone else. This is the wrong impression, the roads are still roads and here in Asia they use the roads differantly compared to England for example.